Lean Consulting

We optimize production processes based on continuous improvement systems.

What is BeDoIt?

Lean Consulting Valencia

Lean consulting services optimizing the processes, based on continuous improvement systems so that
get the best results and reduce costs.

We are lean consultants and we accompany you throughout the process, empowering your organization and improving performance in the different production systems and reducing your company’s delivery times.

In addition to improving the production system, we also offer
management systems consulting
We will prepare the necessary documentation, approvals or markings for your company or product.

Lean consulting services:

Lean Management Consulting

Add value to your proposal with Lean projects. Improve and optimize your production system by eliminating what does not add up.

Standardized manufacturing management system for any industry: controls, communicates, learns and predicts.

Control of supplies on time. Predict what is needed through Agile methodologies that will make you improve the profitability of your organization.

Agile methodologies to optimally manage any type of project.

Management Systems

We help you to face any kind of industrial project.

We help you prepare the necessary documentation to legalize any item.

We present options.

We advise you and prepare all kinds of technical data sheets to help you in the homologation.

We help you to prepare the documentation for the European Community marking.

Total quality systems and installation of ISO certificates.

Sustainability and energy viability. Resource optimization.

Self-assessments and risk protection plans.

How do we do it?

We strive at all times to comply with the following fundamental values

Cost reduction

The lean philosophy is based on continuous improvement focused on cost reduction.


Our systems are based on
in total quality.


Participatory and trust-based environment. Customer, shareholder, employee and environmental satisfaction.


Our systems are focused on solving problems that affect the entire process and make us better.


Comprehensive program to anticipate and prevent accidents.


Transmit passion for excellence through Keizen (people involvement).

Why BeDoIt as Lean consultants?

Cost reduction

We optimally reduce costs in your production system by eliminating what is not useful.


Continuous improvement in the 5 pillars of lean management: Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers, Environment.


Lean consultants in Valencia with more than 30 years of experience.


We reduce time in the different processes within the company.


We improve your stock control system through Agile methodologies.

Ready to take control of your business data?