Business Intelligence Consulting

Management indicators at a glance

What is BeDoIt?

Business Intelligence Consulting Valencia

Business Intelligence Consulting for
transform your data into dashboard
in order to improve your company’s decision making.

Our team will
of business intelligence consultants
will analyze your business and your key indicators
creating an optimal management path.

We offer BI consulting
empowering the growth of your company and
indicating the best strategies
to analyze your business data.

Business Intelligence consulting services:

We analyze your business and draw the roadmap to achieve the objectives in a clear and concise way.

We define the key indicators of your business to go in the right direction.

With the data provided by your system, we define data models to show you what you need in your daily operation.

Your business in a single panel that contains what is important and necessary for your business.

Forget about having to work with thousands of Excel sheets. Our model is online and with updated data.

How do we do it?

We generate value through your data in a simplified way.


We provide clarity on what is necessary for the digitalization of your company.


We rely on communication techniques that sell based on customer benefits.


We always start with graphic design and brand image. It is one of the cornerstones of any project.


Design and online image. We define what is essential and important for your online business.


Methodology based on Neuromarketing techniques and 100% focused on selling online.


We develop a good strategy so that repetitive processes do not steal your time.

Why BeDoIt as a Business Intelligence consultant?


We have Power BI consultants and specialists in Extract, Transform and Load (ETL).


Up-to-date data and information organized in graphs.


We are involved in meeting the objectives set.


We identify areas for improvement and resource utilization.

Knowledge of trends

Study of consumer behavior and trends in markets and sectors.

Ready to control a Business Intelligence system?